Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Make the Most of the One Bathroom in the House-Part 2

Now that we’ve addressed the storage solution in your one bathroom home, let's look at the walls, windows and tub area. 
I'll assume that everything is structurally sound and clean, but might not be as attractive as it could be. 

What can be done to make these hard surfaces look better? 

If painting the walls is an option, select paint colors after you choose the shower curtain because it’s the largest visible element. Paint stores are wonderful about helping you match colors. If you can't paint, select a shower curtain that complements the colors already there.

The shower curtain dominates any small bathroom, and, at the same time, provides an opportunity to be creative. Remember that the mirror over the sink usually reflects this large element, making it appear twice in the room.

Bath and home-decor stores like 
Bed Bath & Beyond sell ready-made shower curtains in a wide variety of styles and colors. Select one that pleases you, and buy a waterproof liner. From this choice, all other decorative decisions will be made, so choose carefully.

With your new shower curtain in hand, select a paint color or wallpaper that complements it, whether it blends or contrasts. It's a small room, and big colors will make it appear smaller. If you use wallpaper, choose one that can handle moisture.

Next, the window treatment. Privacy is paramount, so make sure that what you select maintains it. If you choose a natural fiber shade, include a privacy backing. The shade shouldn’t impede the function of the window - good ventilation prevents mildew. Some shower curtain manufacturers sell complementary curtains, so that might be a good option.

Towel bars and tissue holder are practical room jewelry and add a bit of sparkle. Include art on the walls to complement the overall effect.

Lighting is an important element. If you can change the fixture, select one that can be put on a dimmer switch. Guests don't need full light for their needs. And, of course, candles. They create a relaxing mood for your end-of-day bath and give your bathroom that “powder room” feeling for guest.

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